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Stay in the know with WhiskeyPulse – Your ultimate destination for the latest whiskey news, reviews, and updates. Discover captivating stories behind your favorite spirits, expert reviews of the finest whiskies, and immerse yourself in the world of whiskey culture. Explore our comprehensive coverage of distilleries, trends, and tasting experiences, all at WhiskeyPulse. Elevate your whiskey journey with the pulse of the finest blends and releases.

WhiskeyPulse was started in 2023 as a USA focused sister site of CasKompare. Both WhiskeyPulse and CasKompare are run by Menachem Kossowsky - A seasoned whisky author. With a profound appreciation for the artistry and heritage of whisky, I've delved deep into the world of cask comparisons, distillery profiles, and flavor explorations. My mission is to distill the complexities of whisky into accessible and engaging content, helping enthusiasts make informed choices and discover the nuances of this liquid gold. Through meticulous research and a discerning palate, I strive to offer readers valuable insights and a deeper connection to the world of whisky, one dram at a time.


Menachem Kossowsky - Editior in Chief


WhiskeyPulse Editorial Policy

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11. Continuous Improvement:

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